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Most Recent Update - 01/13/2017

Thank you for your interest in The Sandy River Charitable Foundation. We are a family foundation run by volunteer board efforts and a small paid staff. The board has chosen to actively search for organizations and projects of interest and present specific organizations with invitations to submit an application, rather than offer an open request for proposals.

As a result, The Sandy River Charitable Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.

We recognize that there are many worthy and essential efforts currently operating and being developed, and that the process of searching for funding is time consuming and often frustrating. We also realize that we do not have the resources to fund the vast majority of these efforts, and we do not enjoy writing letters turning away individuals and organizations any more than those who receive them. If you still choose to contact us, please do so without expectation.

Our current guidelines are available for download in a PDF file or you may view them online.

You may email us or write us.

* Please note, our email requires DNS authentication.

The Sandy River Charitable Foundation endeavors to engender the physical and social well being and encourage the human spirit of our neighbors throughout the world.
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